Parking & Transportation

Map of Safe Parking/Walking Routes


Common Questions

Where may I “drive through” to drop-off or pick-up my child?

Cars will ENTER through the center entry way between Westhill and Sorenson. You will then turn left and pull all the way forward to allow the greatest number of cars to be in line. Students will unload/load from the curbside of the vehicle (passenger side).

Cars will EXIT through the 4-way stop. PLEASE YIELD TO BUSES and CROSSWALKS. Follow the instructions of the parking lot staff.

Please note the traffic circle is for bus load/unload only! Do not drop off/pick up your students in the traffic circle.

On days when parent traffic may be increased due to rain, parties or sports events, please plan for extra time in the drop-off/pick-up lane

Where may I park?

Parking is available at Westhill and Sorenson (front/bus lane row at Sorenson is reserved for their staff only). ONLY buses may drive through the Sorenson bus lane.

You may enter the parking lot via the center entry way or Sorenson's entry way. PLEASE YIELD TO BUSES and CROSSWALKS.

Cars will EXIT through the 4-way stop or center entry way.

Use the crosswalk closest to Doug Allen Sportsfield to get to and from the parking lot.

Where may I stand to meet my child?

The designated parent waiting area will be the under cover area located at the front of the school. Please allow space for classes to pass by next to the wall.

My child rides the bus-where will they be picked-up/dropped-off at Westhill?

Big buses will use the circle space around the flagpole. Only buses may enter the 4-way stop, ANYONE may exit at the 4-way stop. Students waiting for the bus will wait on the south side of the building near the low concrete wall and gym.

Small buses and daycare vans will drop-off & pick-up at Sorenson. They will enter through the north gate and exit through the center gate.

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