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Mission Statement 

In partnership with our welcoming community, Westhill empowers all students to reach their full potential.  We have a safe, engaging and inclusive environment of lifelong learners.  We embrace our diversity and foster trust and acceptance.

Our Westhill Way

I am respectful

I am responsible

I am safe

I belong

I am Westhill



Welcome to Westhill Elementary School!

There are just under 500 students that attend Westhill, ranging in age from kindergarten through fifth grade. Each of them works hard each day to reach their academic potential. Our instructional program is based on state standards supported by innovative curriculum. With the early release schedule on Wednesdays, our instructional staff has the opportunity to grow and learn with colleagues through quality professional development that can be taken into the classroom. With our increased access to on-going student data, teachers are able to target their instruction to better meet individual and grade-level student needs, as well as state standards. As we look forward to preparing our students to meet Common Core State Standards we are also working to ensure students learn critical thinking skills, team building and collaboration skills, global perspectives and communication skills, along with creativity and perseverance. By supporting our students in these ways, we are preparing them for the demands of working in the 21st century.

Our skilled specialists in music, physical education and library enrich the education of our students while promoting the development of the whole child. Social growth is achieved through collaborative work in classrooms, daily recess opportunities and the many PTA sponsored enrichment events. In addition, staff members provide other extra curricular activities for the students of Westhill as well, including academic clubs, recess clubs, and a parent/student book club. We have a fantastic art docent program that fosters community involvement and student creativity alike. We know that students need a safe and supportive environment for learning, and we strive each and every day to provide this environment to our children. We teach and model positive character and responsible behavior, and encourage our students to do the same. Children come to school with a variety of needs, learning styles and challenges. We believe that all children of diverse backgrounds and abilities can and should learn together and we celebrate the many lessons students teach each other. We value friendship, civility, kindness and the courage it takes to stand up for others.

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