Take a Closer Look At...

Take a Closer Look At...

The Device Protection Program (DPP)

(This information has been shared numerous times previously, but we want to ensure that you are fully aware and also to reach families that are new to our district, so we are sharing again.)


Since Northshore moved to a 1:1 computing model to support student learning, we have been foregoing charging families for damaged equipment due to accident or negligence.  Doing so has meant that the district has borne the cost for all repairs on devices assigned to students.  As a measure to close the budget gap and increase accountability for students, we will be charging families for damage incurred on their student’s assigned device.  Families were notified of this change via email on Friday 8/25.


Beginning September 1, all damage on student devices will be reviewed by the STS and if the damage appears to be due to negligence, accident, or intentional misuse, a fine will be assessed to the family.  The damaged device will be collected from the student and a new one assigned to limit disruption to learning.


To offset the potential costs related to accidental damage, we have implemented a new insurance option for families called the Device Protection Program.  This optional program costs $25 and provides discounts on damages to devices.  Under the DPP, the first accidental damage will cost the family $0.  The second will be 50% of the cost of the repair.  All damage beyond the 2nd event will be full cost.  Families that are eligible for Free and Reduced Meals will not be charged for participation in the Program, provided that they have agreed to have that information shared when they signed up to FARM or have updated permissions prior to signing up for DPP.

The DPP does not cover loss.  If a student loses their device, charging cable, or bag, the family will be fined the entire replacement cost.  DPP will also not cover obvious intentional damage to a device.  


Here is a link with more detailed information: https://www.nsd.org/our-district/departments/technology/student-technologies