Safety Patrol

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Safety Patrol is an honor and privilege. It is a job of commitment and service to your school throughout the year. Please display leadership and be responsible. Your duties may include helping students and/or community members in crossing roads/parking lot safely, putting up the flags, and bringing out the lost and found. Whether you are on duty or off duty, you should observe the school rules and set a good example for other students at Westhill. Thank you for volunteering to help Westhill keep students safe when they are coming and going from school!

General Duties:

Report for duty on time
AM Patrol report at 9:00am for duty until 9:35am
PM Patrol report at 3:55pm until 4:15 pm Early Release Wednesday report at 2:25-2:45pm

Wear patrol vest 
You may leave your position when the second bell rings
Return items neatly to the closet and proceed to class (morning) or head home (afternoon). Vests, flags and signs must be returned neatly to where they belong.

Crosswalk Duty:
Let the adult in charge at the crosswalk be your guide.
Take a flag and a yellow man to use at the crosswalk.

General Guidelines:

If you are absent unexpectedly during your duty, please call the office 425-408-5000 or e-mail Rhonda Cummings at

If you know you can’t make one of your assigned days, it is your job to find a replacement. If you are unable to find someone to fill in for you, please let Mrs. Cummings know that you can’t make it and weren’t able to find someone to fill in for you.

Please treat the equipment with care - flags should not be dragged on the ground, spun, twirled or swung. This can confuse drivers and create unsafe situations. Please hang up vests at the end of your shift.

If you have THREE unexcused absences (no shows) from patrol you will be dismissed from patrol duty. A student who has been dismissed from patrol will not be eligible for any end of year celebrations or other benefits of Safety Patrol.

Patrol Captains:

Be in charge of the schedule - make sure all positions are accounted for and on time. Please make sure flags are up and the lost and found is out. 

If a patroller does not show up, please report that information to Mrs. Cummings. At the end of the shift, please make sure all vests, helmets and flags are put away neatly and the patrol room is clean.

Thank you so much for volunteering your time and helping keep Westhill a safe place!

Mrs. Cummings


Safety Patrol Lead

Rhonda Cummings

Phone Number